Financial Literacy Startups (that are hiring!)

Wed, Mar 31, 2021 11:42 PM
By Lynne Takagaki

Behavioral researchers have found that children can start learning good money habits as early as 3 years old. In an increasingly digital world, kids and young adults may never know the insides of financial institutions. Financial literacy apps can bridge the gap and empower kids and young adults to start healthy money habits from the comfort of their own homes.

Kiddie Kredit

Self-Funded I HQ Greater Miami, FL I Founded 2018

Actively hiring for: Developer 

Kiddie Kredit believes in the importance of financial literacy and giving young people the head start they didn't have. Their mission is to teach kids about credit, before they have to navigate the real world of finances. They do this through a chore tracking app that attributes their responsibilities with building their “Kredit” score. 


Series B I Total Funding Amount $91.3M I HQ Palo Alto, CA I Founded 2018 

Actively hiring for: Customer Experience, Design, Engineering, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Product, Risk & Compliance

Step is the next generation financial services company building the best banking experience to help teens and young adults achieve financial independence and knowledge at an earlier age. 


Series C I Total Funding Amount $296.5M I HQ Atlanta, GA I Founded 2014 

Actively hiring for: Customer Service, Design, Engineering, Finance, Legal & Compliance, Marketing, Product

Greenlight is a financial services app that was made for kids and managed by parents. It allows kids to set their own goals, make tradeoff decisions, and learn the powers of saving, spending, earning, and investing. 

Zogo Finance

Total Funding Amount $295k I HQ Durham, NC I Founded 2018 

Actively hiring for: Customer Success, Marketing, Sales 

Zogo Finance enables financial institutions to customize the learning experiences in their apps for young adults. Aimed at GenZ consumers, they are teaching financial literacy through a gamified mobile application.