How to be Successful in your Next Remote Interview

Sun, Apr 25, 2021 7:18 PM
By Ibrahim

In the age of COVID-19, companies across the globe are doing all that they can to adapt to a remote workspace. Many are leveraging video systems like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, making the most of what they can to continue person-to-person communication. So rather than scheduling for a visit from a potential candidate in their next interview, they’re scheduling virtual interactions and sending calendar invites with a link to log on.

What exactly is a virtual interview and how can you prepare?

Unless you graduated during the pandemic or lost your job at some point, many have yet to face their first virtual interview. The fact is they’re incredibly similar to your typical in-person interview, often including similar questions. However, doing your typical pitch virtually can be far more overwhelming than usual.

While you might assume remote interviews are only here for as long as COVID-19 concerns are at the forefront, the fact is we live in a tech-centric, ever-changing, and ever-expanding world. That, and remote interviews make the interview process easier for hiring managers and candidates to accomplish because there’s simply less planning that goes into them and they’re more time convenient for both parties. Nonetheless, remote interviews are here to stay.

It’s important that you adequately prepare for what the future holds – a.k.a. your next remote interview. Here we will dive into relevant remote interview tips that will help prepare you and hopefully excel during your next interview – maybe we’ll even help you land your dream job.

  • Test Your Tech BEFORE

Check your internet! It may have worked 5 minutes ago, but everyone who’s been working from home for the past 12 months (or longer) can promise you that it can suddenly start acting up. You also want to double-check your software is working. Sometimes Zoom, Skype, Microsoft, etc. need a little update. Most importantly, plug your laptop into its charger.

  • Always Come Prepared

Like any other interview, you need to prepare appropriately. Learn about the company, its mission, what they do, recent accomplishments. Learn about the position you’ve applied for thoroughly and think about your experiences that reflect your abilities onto the new role.

  • Be You

Honestly, just be yourself. Your personality will help you shine through. If you can confidently act and speak as you are, employers will enjoy that and respect it. It will also make them feel comfortable in your ability to communicate with your future peers.

  • Find a clean, quiet, well-lit space

People can see your background, and it’s best if it’s not distracting. Make sure you find a room, a quiet room distant from any noises or distractions. If you can, position yourself and the laptop so that your background is clean and neutral. If you’re in your bedroom, the last thing you want anybody to see is your pile of dirty laundry.

  • Dress Well

While both of you may be at home and want to chill in your comfy clothes for this interview, it’s still a professional scenario. Dress the part. That’s all there is to it. The fact is how you present yourself, how you choose to show up sends major non-verbal messages. It tells people whether or not you care. Let them know you care, a lot.

  • Follow-Up

Shoot a follow-up email and reinstate your interest in this opportunity. Thank those that interviewed you for taking the time to speak with you and let them know how much you want the role. And be sure to drop little anecdotes from your conversation to make it resonate.

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