San Francisco : 5 Workspaces You'll love to work in

Tue, Jan 21, 2020 7:11 PM
By Ibrahim

Office spaces are an extension of the company’s innovative culture and identity. They impact productivity, culture and our general wellbeing at work. Here are some of the best workspaces you can join in San Francisco. 

Size (per LinkedIn): 250 - 500 employees

Allbirds is an environmentally conscious startup known for crafting the “world’s most comfortable shoe.” The San Francisco-based company began in 2014 when Tim Brown, a wool-loving transplant from New Zealand, teamed up with engineer Joey Zwillinger, and they dreamt up eco-friendly shoes composed of a resilient, wool-based material. Word-of-mouth sales quickly drove Allbirds’s innovative products into the spotlight.

Allbirds takes sustainability to heart by implementing several initiatives to offset its carbon footprint. The company has a B Corporation certification and invests in projects that concern the environment, such as reducing methane and constructing new wind farms and solar plants. 

Designed by MBH Architects, the Allbirds office space is whimsical and welcoming. MBH managed to combine the old — the historic building’s exposed brick walls and original millwork — with the new, which includes playful illustrations, a wooden central staircase, and glass rooms for solo work or conferences. The airy, open-plan office encourages teamwork and creativity through communal tables and multi-use workspaces.

Size (per LinkedIn): 100 - 200 employees

Clever revolutionized the education sector by simplifying the way teachers, district administrators, and students access digital learning programs. Founded in 2012 by Tyler Bosmeny and Dan Carroll, Clever provides a secure platform that allows educators and students to efficiently use a single universal login portal to sign into a myriad of devices, apps, and other tools.

This EdTech solution eliminates the need to memorize or write down multiple passwords, as well as saving the time and frustration of contacting an IT help desk for mundane tasks. To date, more than 55% of American elementary, middle, and high schools use the startup’s software.

Housed in a renovated warehouse, Clever’s HQ features a series of open-riser stairs that facilitate access to different floors and office levels. A joint effort between two architecture and design firms, Boor Bridges Architecture and Costa Brown Architecture, the Clever office achieves an industrial feel, thanks to steel accents, as well as wood-paneled walls and flooring. Colorful furniture and artwork appear throughout the structure — in workspaces, lounge areas, and the rooftop terrace — adding a pop of quirkiness to the modern design.

Size (per LinkedIn): 11-50 employees
Images Source: HGA / Officelovin’

Whil is at the forefront of a movement that focuses on employees’ mental health in the workplace. CEO Joe Burton, a former President of Headspace, founded Whil in 2014 to combat stress. Using research-backed digital training programs and “mini-courses,” the startup’s platform helps workers improve their EQ (emotional IQ) and well-being with zen-oriented topics like mindfulness, meditation, and resilience. Whil teaches people how to foster a sense of calm so they can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

With Whil’s mission in mind, design firm HGA set out to create a thoughtful office space with minimal distractions and stressors, such as eye strain from fluorescent lighting. Soothing hues of blue, grey, and white brighten up the two-story building. 

On the first floor, onlookers from the entrance can admire the grand kitchen, a welcoming space where employees gather to enjoy healthy food. The second floor offers a yoga studio, as well as skylights that optimize natural light. Workspaces include ergonomic setups with standing desks and comfortable chairs. 

Size (per LinkedIn): 11-50 employees

To make inspiring interior design more affordable and accessible, CEO Gretchen Hansen founded Decorist in 2012. Hansen reportedly came up with the idea after she thrifted two vintage-inspired, bright pink chairs and placed them in her office. At first, she believed the furniture appeared out of place, so she enlisted the help of her designer friend to improve the aesthetics. 

The designer created a chic, pulled-together workspace for Hansen by rearranging the room and adding another chair, as well as a rug and table. Decorist aims to be that designer friend to anybody who wants an attractive space, regardless of budget, by offering design services and styling by professionals.

The Decorist team works in a historic, Spanish-inspired building, and firm Ashley Redmond Interiors used this history to inform the office’s overall look. The majority of the office radiates a bohemian breeziness, thanks to eclectic decor, such as a blue-velvet couch in the entryway and funky rugs placed underneath desks. The offbeat furniture and vibrant wall-hangings help enhance the sense of liveliness and fun. Since each room has a custom design, a few of the offices occupied by employees with more masculine tastes have a rustic, industrial ambiance with leather chairs and mid-century light fixtures.

Size (per Linkedin): 51-200 employees

Founded in 2013, HoneyBook empowers creative freelancers and entrepreneurs with its efficient and user-friendly business management tool. This startup's software allows company owners to use a single platform to stay organized and save time by automating tasks involving project management, client bookings, and secure payment processing.

Designers Aynav Mor and Eran Dayan of [RE] Union Creative transformed HoneyBook's ordinary office into an open workspace with cozy coffee-shop vibes. Industrial-chic decor, including steel shelves, concrete accents, and brick walls, combined with wall planters and succulents lend contemporary flair. HoneyBook's headquarters doubles as a social event space for colleagues to connect over refreshments. The space features multiple diving rooms, as well as a bar area, an expansive kitchen, and an indoor deck with picnic tables.