What Startups Are Looking for in Applicants

Mon, May 10, 2021 4:24 PM
By Ibrahim

Startups are fun and exciting to be a part of. As an employee on the hunt for your next career opportunity, it’s the perfect kind of challenge to truly push you to your limits and help you learn so much along the way. But the question begs, Is this the right fit?

Unlike joining a major corporation ” there comes a level of uncertainty, yet potential in joining a startup. Much like the name insinuates, startups are in their early stages and there’s a lot of learning, overcoming, and developing to come. Is this a fit ? Maybe you don’t know, but that’s what we’re discussing today. Here’s what startups are looking for in their next team member.

Make Money go further

If you’re coming from a large corporation or any fairly successful company, money was likely limited but not short. Whether it came to negotiating your salary, asking for an increase in spending to do your day-to-day activities, and so on, the argument likely had the potential to be made in your favor. The same can’t often be said of a startup.

Startups are limited financially from the get-go. Despite having received funding from investors and savings, the founders know more than anything they have little to work with. As an applicant, understanding and recognizing this limitation is fairly essential. Being abstract and creative with how you can accomplish various tasks – despite a limited budget – makes you an incredible asset to the team. With that said, your frugality is a very favorable quality.


Working for a startup is no walk in the park. Unlike a company that’s been around for years and is known to let people work their way up the corporate ladder, this is a place where success is determined by how hard you can push yourself – and then some.

Nonetheless, startups are on the hunt for someone with a level of willpower and drive not found in just anyone. Part of what makes any startup successful is the people it’s made up of. As an applicant, your drive – arguably relentless drive – is the “go-getter” attitude young companies are looking to add to their team and culture.


if you’re concerned with finding the right company, the right culture, and a challenging place to learn and grow professionally, continue without hesitation. Startups are looking for committed employees – people willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the main goal in mind. If you understand the importance of pursuing and ultimately meeting your goals coupled with the discipline necessary to reach your goals, you’ll thrive in a startup environment 

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