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Growth product designer

About Impira

At Impira, we empower people to focus on their superpowers by automating away the routine. Millions of people spend hours each day rekeying data from documents, cataloging files, and searching for images. Our product allows nontechnical users to extract clean and structured data from files using artificial intelligence, making these processes instant and automatic. In just a few minutes you can drag & drop files into the product, label a few examples, and sit back & relax while Impira takes care of the rest. We’re proud to not only meaningfully impact companies’ bottom line but also boost employee morale and creativity with our product.

Under the hood, the Impira platform consists of advanced machine learning, database, and UI technology. Delivering an incredibly simple user experience for extracting data from complex documents is no easy task, requiring heavy collaboration across disciplines. We believe that operating with autonomy, trust, and support enables our employees to harness their superpowers and achieve extraordinary outcomes. Leaders at Impira focus on providing transparent context, coaching for long-term success, and getting out of the way. Our core values are empathy, empowerment, continuous improvement, boldness, ownership, and integrity.

The Opportunity

Over the past year, we’ve redesigned our product to be self-service and incredibly easy to use. Now, most of our new users discover us online, sign up on our website, and start using our product to extract data out of documents. We are extremely encouraged by these early signs and believe that self-service adoption is our future. We are looking for someone to come in and drive our strategy for product-led growth.

We’re looking for a product designer to join the growth team at Impira. As part of the growth team, you’ll work closely with our Head of Growth to lead new projects that drive acquisition and retention at Impira.


What we’re looking for:

  • A strong communicator and collaborator. While you’re leading and executing on growth projects, we’ll also be improving other parts of the product. It’s important that you’re able to communicate well with other members of the design team, engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders so everyone’s in sync.  
  • An interest in complex systems, coupled with a curiosity to delve into the details. We’re making an extremely technical product self-service. To successfully drive growth, you’ll be in charge of simplifying machine learning and database concepts to users who are first experiencing our product.
  • Experience with testing and iterating on their designs. We’re a small start-up that tests major changes to our product. You’ll need to set up, review, analyze, and iterate on your own unmoderated user testing. Bonus points if you’re well versed at doing this testing live. 


You will fit in at Impira if:

  • You’re open to feedback, and can balance this with the goal you’re trying to accomplish. Seemingly small changes can affect a lot of the surface area at Impira. We’ll need someone who can solicit feedback and balance these trade-offs.  
  • You’re a self-starter. We’re a start-up, so we trust and expect you to lead your own projects. While your manager and team members are around for support, you’ll be the main driver of success.



  • A portfolio containing case studies of projects you have led and shipped. We will not consider any applicants that have not shipped a desktop product experience as part of a full-time role. 
  • 3+ years of full-time experience
  • Strong interaction and visual design skills
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