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Embark Veterinary
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Designed by world leaders in dog genetics, in partnership with Cornell University, the Embark DNA Test tells owners what breeds make up their pets, how to prevent future possible health problems, and what features and traits their pet might have. Embark's mission is to end preventable disease in dogs and improve the lives of pets and their people through genomics.

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Embark’s market-leading dog DNA Test is not only the most comprehensive on the market for breed mix, health, traits, inbreeding, and finding relatives, it is also an engine driving scientific discovery in dogs. Embark uses a 220,000-marker research-grade DNA microarray, enabling us to give our customers the most accurate and comprehensive results on the market. More importantly, it allows Embark to do ongoing research into the genetics of dogs, which are a unique population for genetic study and discovery due to selective breeding over time. Our research focuses on mapping new traits and diseases, improving personalized veterinary medicine, and developing new breeding programs to eliminate preventable diseases.

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We’re looking for highly motivated and driven employees who will help us stay on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation in the fast-growing consumer genetics space.

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