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Metric Theory

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Metric Theory
Working at Metric Theory


Reflection, Humility, Introspection, Awareness, confidence and Influence. Owning your behavior, with the ability to recognize how you're contributing or taking away from situations (How you show up, accept feedback, communicate, etc.)
Working at Metric Theory


Supportive, accountable, encouraging, helpful, thankful, gracious and giving. Putting our team above ourselves, we rise together. It's a major leadership quality that requires humility and foresight for the bigger picture, and will hostically elevate you and your progress professionally and personally.
Working at Metric Theory


Patience, understanding, approachability, compassion, considerate, and open. The ability to put yourself in other's shoes and to identify with their challenges, needs and motivations - not just with colleagues, but clients, managers, and our leadership.
Working at Metric Theory


Solution-oriented, eager, adaptable, self-starter, industrious, creative, and vocal. Own your outcomes and strive for better. MT will support you, provide you with an abundance of feedback, tools and resources, but it's also about you taking the lead, figuring things out, leading yourself and others, creating your own success
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